Friday 19 October 2012

Cala Portals (Porto Veile), a great place to waste time – Around Mallorca beach by beach

September 3-4  -  2012

To be assured of a good anchoring spot in Cala Portals you either get there before the day tripping boats arrive or as they're leaving so we were up early on Monday morning to beat the crowd. There was very little wind so we motored the short distance around the corner with Marc and Karen winging about early start. They’d obviously got too accustomed to the sleep ins of the last week or so.

We arrived at Cala Portals before the hordes that followed. For some reason it was
the day of the massive motorboats. This is only a portion of what were in the bay.
Beautiful Cala Portals next morning before all the day trippers arrived

We were beginning to feel like locals here this being our third visit. We were able to drop anchor in our favourite spot just off the beach in the most sheltered corner of the bay. The only difference to our previous stays was a heavy rock breaker and excavator working on a construction site on the hill. So much for the serenity.
Nothing like a massive rock breaker to enhance the ambience

This time the wind did what was predicted and while we had some rain and overcast in the morning the sunshine took over  for the rest of our stay. As always in Cala Portals it was a case of swim, read, snorkel, tan, a bite to eat, a glass of wine and most of all, relax.

We got word on Tuesday morning that our radio was back at last so we made arrangements to go back to Palma the next day to get it fitted and to have an insurance assessor have a look at the boat so we could arrange repairs.

It may have been a short stay in Cala Portals but it was another good one.
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  1. Wow... crowded. Also lovely. But those powerboats... seariously? You chaps should make sail to the Canaries, and then out to the Caribbean. This season for certain it's out beyond and out of there to the Pacific for us... But with some considerable regrets... Aye, S+C


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