Friday 6 January 2023

Navigating the channels of the Great Sandy Straits and dealing with breakdowns on the boat

- Series 2 Ep 56  WATCH HERE 

 In this episode we finally leave Gary’s Anchorage at K’Gari and wind our way through the narrow channels of the Great Sandy Straits to Big Woody Island for a catch up with friends. 
The Great Sandy Straits appear wide and easy at high tide but the muddy water hides plenty.

About to make the turn at the Sheridan Flats pinch point.

Marine traffic can get heavy around the high tide.

The tide flows in from both ends

We anchored at Big Woody Island for the night

Sunrise at Big Woody Island

Karen waving goodbye to our friends Russell and Glenys at Big Woody

 Our early start next morning goes awry when the engine won’t start but eventually we’re underway across Hervey Bay to the Burnett River and a stop in the Bundaberg Port Marina. 

We enjoyed a gentle sail across Hervey Bay in light winds

Sunset at anchor in the Burnet River

We spent the night anchored in the river before moving into Bundaberg Port Marina next morning.

With current running in the river it was a nervous time getting into our berth,

Our Dreamtime has a full keel and does not manoeuvre well in tight spaces.

Rob got her lined up with the pen and Karen threw the lines to the waiting marina staff.

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