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Feedspot has named our Dreamtime Sail blog in the Top Ten Australian Sailing Blogs & News Websites To Follow in 2020. How cool is that. The blog has also been listed at number 65 in their World Top 100 Sailing Blogs. We're very chuffed but it puts a bit of pressure on as our blog is running behind a little at the moment. We're spending more time living our sailing adventure than writing about it. Rob better get back to the keyboard. We can’t thank our followers and readers enough for their continued support and interaction with the blog. You guys make it so rewarding and are our inspiration to continue writing and now also producing videos.

Our webpage, blog, vlogs and pictorials are free for all to view. We would like to think our writing and videos offer something for most people whether you interested in sailing, the amazing destinations we go to, how we live in a 12 meter floating box without killing each other or maybe it’s the "How To" posts you enjoy. 

Help us spread the word ...... There’s a reason we like to remind our audience to comment, like and share our videos, posts and blogs. It’s because all of this activity counts towards our ‘engagement rate’. Google- who owns YouTube and Blogspot take this into account in their mysterious algorithms, so the more thumbs ups, comments and general activity on our videos, the more likely our video or blog will ‘rank’ (in other words, be visible to people using the search tool, or appear on the ‘Suggested’ list). And that high ranking will, of course, generate more views, which means more subscribers- hopefully- and ultimately our channel and blog will continue to grow.

Again, the more subscribers and followers we have on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter the more our channel will grow. Your activity on these platforms raises our profile and if you’re sharing our posts, your friends and followers will see our channel as well, and hopefully they’ll also be interested in what we do! It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle; all this activity really helps us to grow. Plus it’s fun for you guys to see a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as give us another platform to interact on!
Another great way you can assist us is to click on advertisements you may see on our blog. Each click contributes a tiny bit of revenue to assist us

We hope to provide a glimpse of our life through our vlogs, blogs, published writings and artwork. We love our nomadic existence and like to share the amazing things we see and do as we sail to unbelievable destinations.

As we said all of these are free to access however if you would like to give us a Tip towards the creation of these blogs and videos, the simplest way to do so is via PayPal using dreamtimesail@gmail.com for payment.

You might like to read some of our books, there is a great range from Our Galley with heaps of recipes that have been tested in the galley on Our Dreamtime. Books are available at https://payhip.com/Dreamtimesail

If you’d like to become a bigger part of the adventure, consider becoming a Patron. It’s a platform where you get all sorts of awesome perks and benefits in exchange for contributing to our video production. Patreon Every dollar goes towards helping us create content for you. From as little as Three Dollars a video you can join the our crew! There are lots of extra benefits for being a Dreamtime Sail crew member so checkout those benefits by clicking the Patreon link.

Why would you support us?  You help us to create our videos, write our blogs, photograph and document our journey. Your support enables us to maintain and upgrade our camera equipment to continually improve the quality of our content. By supporting us you are also enabling us to extend the length of time we can spend sailing, meaning more places explored and more stories to share. Without the support from our followers, we would not be able to showcase our adventures to the max! 

You can also now buy us a coffee through KO-FI they take no commissions and are there to help creators like us raise funds for much needed new equipment. So have a look and we could share a coffee. 

By the way, we don’t just encourage comments for their own sake- 
we LOVE hearing from you guys. 

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