Saturday 13 March 2021

Beach Bumming & Feasting on Fish in the Whitsundays


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In our latest Dreamtime Sail video we were hanging around waiting for our watermaker to return from being repaired but after a week at Airlie Beach we decide it’s time to get out in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and find our way to Marcona Inlet on Hook Island for some crabbing and beach bumming. We have a great sail over and catch some good sized mackerel along the way.

All sails set doing 6.5 knots towards Hook Island.


We picked up two good spotty mackerel on our trip over.

The sail from Airlie Beach to Marcona Inlet was very pleasant in light conditions.

We had Marcona Inlet all to ourselves for the afternoon.

One of a number of nice beaches in Marcona Inlet.


ROB THINKS THIS IS THE BEST FISH DISH EVER.- In the ‘Our Galley’ segment, Karen poaches beautiful deep sea Nannygai fillets in delicious spices and coconut cream to produce what Rob described as “One of THE tastiest fish dishes ever. The recipe would be great with any firm white fish species. DON’T MISS THIS ONE.


Simple ingredients add firm flesh fish fillets and follow the simple recipe for a feast.

Ready for 15-20 minutes in the oven.

Rob thinks this Thai poached Nannygai is THE BEST fish dish Karen's ever cooked
Check it out in the video.

You can also find Karen's recipes and tips from Our Galley including this “Thai Poached Nannygai” at the Our Galley Blog 

About Nannygai

Members of the Litjanus family, the Small Mouth Nannygai and the Large Mouth Nannygai are two very similar fish that complete the trio more commonly just called “reds”, along with the Red Emperor.

The fish can be identified by the mouth shape and size as their common name implies. Large mouth are considered the better eating of the two and will grow to a larger size, fish to 30 lb (13.6 kg) are common. The small mouth can obtain a weight of 22 lb (10 kg) and both fish can be pulled from the same school.

More readily caught during the cooler months and at night from the deep water, 30 -60 metres, these fish fight all the way to the boat. During day light hours only those very experienced of fisherman know their haunts and try extensively to guard their secret location. The advent of quality sounders and GPS technology proving nothing is sacred anymore.

Techniques identical to that required for Red Emperor, heavy gear / hand lines / sturdy rod and the standard dropper rig works best and once fish have been hooked the school can be kept in the area.