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Cala de la Calobra (Torrente de Pareis) - Around Mallorca beach by beach

August 22 -2012

The forecast for Wednesday was no wind but when we motored out of the inlet and cleared the high cliffs of the headland we found ourselves in a very handy 15+knots of breeze. The sail bag was unzipped and the mainsail raised in a flash. Unfurling the genoa followed very smartly and we were soon zooming along at 6 to 7 knots the way a good yacht should. This time the wind held for a few hours before slowly fading away. We were determined to sail as long as we could but when our boat  speed fell to 1.99kts Rob hit the starter button and we motored to our next stop at Cala de la Calobra.

Described in the pilot guide as ‘a large and spectacular cala …with several mini bays and a slit through the high rocky cliffs behind, through which the Torrente de Pareis (more often a gentle stream) enters the sea. The Torrente de Pareis is considered one of the sights of Mallorca and is a popular destination by road and sea.
Approaching Cala de la Calobra we didn't realise what was in store for us.

With a wrap like that we really didn’t want to sail past without stopping so thought we’d just pop in for a quick lunch and have a look at the place before heading on to Port Soller.  However, once we made our way into the bay and took a look around it was so amazing we quickly decided to stay the night.
Cala de la Calobra - Torrente de Pareis
whatever you call the place it's spectacular.
The gap in the cliffs may be where the river runs into the sea during the wet season but now in summer it was a stony beach packed with sun lovers. Behind this beach we could see a fresh water lagoon where the river temporarily terminates after flowing through the very high but narrow canyon stretching away into the mountains. It’s a truly spectacular sight from the water but to be honest, it didn’t matter which way you turned, you were always met with an incredible vista.
We really enjoyed our stop at Cala de la Calobra  (Torrente de Pareis)

We were able to anchor not far from the beach in the shadows of the enormous, vertical cliffs. The beach is tiny and along the water line was packed wall to wall with people so we took the dingy a short trip around a point to where the tourist boats dock. There’s a number of restaurants here and we chose one with a great view over the water for a relaxed lunch. Then it was time to go exploring.  A path leads from this mini-bay to a pedestrian tunnel cut through the rock to the river canyon. Exiting the tunnel and looking across the lagoon to the canyon is a real experience.

Alcheringa (left) viewed from inside the tunnel at Cala de la Calobra (Torrente de Pareis)
Marc leading the way through the tunnel at Cala de la Calobra (Torrente de Pareis)

Brochure shot

We wandered around the beach and lagoon for a while then made our way back to the boat and had a nice refreshing swim off the stern. What was left of the afternoon and that evening was spent just relaxing and trying to soak up the natural wonders surrounding us.
Rob enjoying an early evening swim

We were still on a perfect score. Every anchorage on this trip had outdone the previous.

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