Saturday 15 May 2021

We Sail to a Stunning Mainland National Park only reached by Sea


In our latest video,
After 10 glorious days at gorgeous Cape Gloucester and Shag Islet, we sail north to Cape Upstart. Although on the mainland, this magnificent National Park area has no road access and can only be reached by sea. Featuring numerous small bays with magnificent sand beaches, the anchorage is well sheltered from prevailing winds. There are a few holiday shacks and homes at the Cape and we even picked out where we want ours to be. We happily wiled away a few days strolling the sand and eating huge fresh oysters off the stunning granite boulders lining the shore. Take a look at this rarely seen piece of Australia.

In the Our Galley, Karen shows how to bake a scrumptious apple and cinnamon cake. Guaranteed to get the taste buds going.

Please enjoy our video. Cheers!

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