Friday, 21 May 2021

A Place Too Cool to Have Winter – Exploring Townsville - Episode 21


After a great stay at Magnetic Island, we sail across Cleveland Bay to spend a week in Breakwater Marina exploring Townsville, a city too cool to bother with having winter. The early August weather in this tropical city is glorious as we take a walking tour of beautifully preserved colonial buildings and discover a treasure trove of history in the Maritime Museum including a brilliant exhibition about the wreck of the SS Yongala which foundered in a cyclone off Cape Bowling Green in 1911. We stretch our legs in the sunshine along the Strand and enjoy the quirky installation art, beautiful parklands, golden beaches and military history of Kissing Point. New friends take us up to the summit of Castle Hill for a spectacular sunset.

In Our Galley Karen shows a quick and easy way to bake tasty fresh bread on board.

Watch the video HERE

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