Thursday, 5 November 2015

Lazing around lovely Lindeman Island

22 October 2015

Our first morning in the Whitsunday Islands dawned calm and clear. The weather forecaster were now all predicting the fabled northerly wind would actually arrive today so we elected to move Plantation Bay on Lindeman Island which would be well sheltered regardless what strength it reached.

There was no point raising sails in these conditions for just a three mile trip.
Karen at the wheel on the way to our anchorage at Plantation Bay on Lindeman Island
It was only three miles across the channel and with almost no wind blowing it didn’t make sense to bother with sails so we just ambled over on the motor and put some charge into our battery bank in the process. We anchored well into the bay in four metres of water. It was almost low tide but we made a point of checking the tide tables and doing our calculations to make sure we’d still be afloat when it did drop the rest of the way down.

Plantation Bay has a nice beach behind the fringing reef.
The dot marks the spot. Where we anchored clear of the reef.

Where Plantation Bay is on Lindeman Island.

For our overseas readers - Where the Whitsunday Islands are in Australia.
The water was extremely inviting and warm but we still donned our light weight wet suits for protection from any brushes with the coral and went for a nice long snorkel right around the bays fringing reef while the tide was low and current at its weakest. The water wasn’t quite as clear as we expected probably due to the strong tidal run between the islands but we were treated to seeing many small fish, some nice clams and plenty of live coral. It was also the first opportunity Karen had had to try out her new dive mask with prescription lenses. She had been struggling with vision issues using a standard mask which was spoiling her experience. The new lenses were a bit expensive but worked so well they have totally rejuvenated her interest in getting under the water so well worth the money.

Karen signals all is good as we make our way along over the fringing reef.

The water wasn't as clear as other places we'd been but it was still a very enjoyable swim.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing  on board. Karen had the sketch pad out once more and Rob was able to get on with some blogging.

More of Karen's art can be seen on her Facebook page - Karen Oberg Artist

Our Dreamtime guarantee:

No stress of any kind was generated during our diligent pursuit of spending an afternoon doing not a lot at all.

Good night from Lindeman Island
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