Thursday 31 October 2013

Sailing the awesome Amalfi Coast – Part 2

August 4, 2013

 As much as we loved Amalfi, the expense of the marina was enough to have us moving on the next morning for some more coast hugging around to nearby Salerno. Once more the scenery was incredible, as was the number of boats of all shapes and sizes buzzing back and forth. The beaches were more crowded than a Tokyo subway at peak hour. Out on the water the four of us on board were feeling very relaxed and thankful we weren’t in there competing for a couple of square metres of space.
There was not one single dull spot during the two hour run to Salerno. Instead every minute provided postcard scene after postcard scene. We've included a selection of photos Rob took as we made our way along the coast which provide a few glimpses of what we enjoyed. 


Yet another crowded beach on the Amalfi coast.

How's the monastery clinging to the cliff top at Salerno?
Check the pic above to see how high up it is.

Amalfi to Salerno– 9.3 Nautical Miles – 1 Hours 58 Minutes
Average Speed 4.7 Knots – Max 5.8 Knots
With just a very gentle north westerly blowing Salerno was a perfect stop. We were able to anchor all on our own quite close to a beach in the centre of the city but behind the protection of the huge harbour walls.

The view of Salerno we had from our anchorage

No need to spend the money in one of Salerno's marinas when we could
anchor well sheltered, just off the beach in the centre of town
We had planned to take the dingy ashore for a look around but it soon became obvious that we had unwittingly grabbed ourselves a front row spot for some serious celebrations building up. On one end of the sand a very serious beach soccer venue was being finalised complete with grandstands, flood lights, big public address system and cheer squads. At the other end near a small fishing marina what was clearly going to be religious celebration was about to get underway. Within half an hour we were surrounded by small boats anchoring to watch whatever it was that was that was going to happen.

They really got into the beach football at Salerno
A while later the football crowd got going to our left. To our right what sounded like an alternating mix of prayers and hymns began blasting out from a good sized PA system as a decorated fishing boat appeared from the marina complete with a large icon of the Virgin Mary on deck. It set off to the south across the bay and disappeared from our sight. The prayers/hymns ashore continued but were periodically drowned out by the cheers when one football side or the other found the back of the goal net and about an hour after watching the boat head off we saw and heard a large amount of fireworks being set off on the south side of the bay. Ten minutes later another lot went up a little closer and then another closer still. The pattern continued over and over again along the shore. The boat carrying the Madonna was heading back our way and as it passed each bay or marina another set off fireworks would explode in the sky. Being broad daylight it seemed a bit pointless to us but what would we know.

What overcrowding? The Madonna was on board so they had to be safe right.
We weren't really sure about the point of banging off so many fireworks in daylight.
Eventually it reached the main harbour at dusk and a massive amount of gunpowder was expended in the skies from the big breakwater we were anchored beside. Now it was getting impressive. It was getting darker as the boat returned to the marina and the Madonna was transferred to a stage ashore. Of course this was marked by another huge display of fireworks to drown out the constant Gregorian Chant like drone coming over the PA.

The religious celebrations on shore went on for hours
After more speeches and prayers, the Madonna was hoisted aloft for a tour of the city at the head of a procession of the following faithful – and some of the footy crowd now the games were over. Enough fireworks exploded over the roofs in various areas as the parade passed to ensure climate change will reach Italy sooner rather than later.

The fireworks went up over Salerno well into the night..
By now we were starting to hope it would all come to an end. We’d had a very hard day lazing about doing very little and, as the clock ticked towards the witching hour, we were all more than ready for some shut eye . They’d saved the biggest till last however and the sky over the Cathedral lit up and boomed away for the big and long finale but thankfully, just before Sunday became Monday, things went quiet in the town and we hit the bunks.

It’s safe to say we’d now seen enough fireworks to last us until New Year’s Eve at least.


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