Tuesday, 31 May 2011

So much to fit into so little time.

15 days to go before we leave but who’s counting. Well actually, us. We have so much to fit into so little time before we fly to Cairns, get on the yacht and sail off. We took in the Sanctuary Cove boat show and had a look at all the latest and greatest gadgets that apparently we really shouldn’t put to sea without.  There were enough temptations to just about sink a 57 footer if we’d bought them all. Much to the delight of our credit card our only purchases were a two waterproof duffle bags to carry our worldly possessions on board and a waterproof iPhone case
We have now moved out of our house and are staying with Yasmin until we leave so it’s all go to rent out it and our investment place.
Now that the houses are all but sorted our attention is focused on family and friends. We had a great day on Sunday with the christening of number one granddaughter Lyla Rose and it was so good to have a lot of the family together. We even got the family photo done to replace the 22 year old one that’s just about warn out in my wallet. Karen enjoyed a nice day out with lunch at Southbank yesterday saying bye to the girls in her “Birds with Brushes” art group she has been painting with for years. She is certainly going to miss her "boilers".  We followed that up with a trip to the travellers medical clinic for our shots which felt like an acupuncture appointment by the time we were finished.
Today we're heading into Brisbane chasing last minute bits and pieces we need  then to the Breaky Creek Hotel to have lunch with my brothers, Denis and Michael.  Wednesday is an all day marine radio operator’s certification course and a catch up with some friends at night.  Friday night is farewell drinks at the Pig & Whistle with a diverse group of friends from all sorts of areas we've been involved in and then on the weekend we have a family reunion to attend for Karen’s father’s side of the tree.
By the time we get through all that we’ll be down to 9 days to go and things will probably get even more hectic but, because all we keep thinking about is stepping aboard in Cairns, you still can’t get the smile off our faces.


  1. You guys are our idols! When will you arrive in Indonesian or Papua New Guinea waters so we can meet up? All the best. We envy you. Britt, Torsten, Lou, Nil and Tim Kuenzlen.

  2. Great to hear from our favourite German / French / Indonesian family. We really hope our paths can cross while we’re in your part of the world. We’ll message you when we’ve got a better idea of our movements. Cheers Rob and Karen


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