Tuesday 10 May 2011

The never ending to do list

36 days before we leave but who’s counting? We’re very quickly getting closer to running away to sea and the list of things that have to get done before we go doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter. The packing is underway, the houses are now listed for rent with the agent, Karen’s Yamaha and my 1970 Mustang convertible are advertised for sale and a hundred other jobs done.  Every time we cross a couple of things off the page as having been done we add a couple of new ones.

The garage sale to get rid of piles of “STUFF” has been run and done. There are some very strange people turn up at garage sales. They will walk straight past brand new items priced at 20% of retail but pay ridiculous amounts for crap I was going to take to the tip. Others want to bargain and haggle to get the price of something down by a dollar. It was an interesting way to spend a Saturday but oh well the STUFF almost all disappeared and over three grand went in to the sailing kitty. What’s left is going to the charity shop.

We took a break on Sunday and had a great Mother's Day breakfast in a nice park near home. We were joined by all the family and the five mums (L to R Kathy, Karen, Felicity Joy holding Lyla and Yasmin) were the centre of attention while the kids had a good time in the playground. It might be a while before we're all together for a Mothers Day again so was great.
The boat we are sailing on for the trip from North Queensland around Cape York to Darwin and on to Malaysia via the Sail Indonesia Rally is a 2004 model Beneteau 57. These are an amazing boat. Check them out on this link. www.sailingmagazine.net/boat-test/419-beneteau-57   We are worried after sailing on one we may never be happy with anything less. Without a serious lotto win a yacht like this is out of our price bracket by a long, long way. We are appreciative that Colin and Milin have invited us to join them on this adventure. If you like to see more about the Sail Indonesia Rally we are going on have a look at this link www.sailindonesia.net


  1. Only just found your blog and would like to start reading from your beginning of the sailing life. I'm a older fellow and just starting to learn about blogging. So where do I start?
    My name is Christian

    1. Hi Christian, We're glad you have discovered our blog. This actually started just as a way for our family to be able to follow what we were up to but we soon discovered it was a great way to keep a record for ourselves. To get started we'd suggest you have a look at both the Blogspot and Wordpress websites. They both provide a good platform for blogging and plenty of advice. We also did a blog about blogging you might like to have a look at. http://dreamtimesail.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/a-blog-about-sailing-blogs.html
      Good luck with it all and we hope you enjoy joining the blogosphere. Cheers!


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