Sunday 4 February 2024

Behind every gorgeous photo or scene, there’s often a tale of adventure, mishaps, or serendipitous moments.

Well this statement definitely describes the Dreamtimesail crew. There is nowhere that we go without a camera in hand. Taking stills and video is what we do. Our everyday life is captured from sailing, baking bread or to hiking to the most gorgeous waterfalls. The lengths we go to sometimes to get “that shot” are a little crazy.

Our life is scene through the lens. Making dreams come true, one scene at a time.

Sometimes through accident, but normally through detailed planning and camera framing we are able create the feeling of you being brought along on our journey with us. We don’t have a team of camera operators, saying Take two! Action!

Recently friends visiting found out how a walk to a waterfall can take us 3 times the advertised walking time. The simple walking scenes you see and hopefully don’t notice are the trickiest to capture. One example of this, us walking by and walking past and into the vista.

Unlocking the secrets behind the camera. A camera is set up to capture us walking toward the camera, then reversed to see us walking away. Of course we need to double back each time to change the camera angle then do the walk again and then back again to finally pick up the camera. Continuity must be correct, we can’t swap sides, if we were holding hands we have to remember to do it on the reverse angle and we need to step off on the right foot.

Around the next bend maybe opening to an awe inspiring vista. Double back again find the right camera angle, frame the view, us doubling back again to now walk into the scene. It would be magic if we could do all of this spontaneously, but unfortunately that’s not the truth. Each frame is set to give you the viewer the feeling of being with us whether it is onboard or taking a walk to a stunning waterfall.

Onboard the boat we have two stationary cameras that allow us to go about our daily life without the need to hold and frame the camera. This has allowed us to have those spontaneous moments allowing you the viewer to see us in our natural state, going about whatever we are doing. It’s like having two camera operators onboard with us. But they do have their limitations and of course this is that they don’t move with us. So in post (edit) we need to cut a lot of vision to make it flow. 

One camera that has helped with this is the introduction to our kit if the 360 camera. Used for certain shots this camera is awesome but used to much it can become a little bit like drone vision. Sometimes a little is more. 

So next time you are watching an episode see if you can pick up how we filmed the 10 second shot that has you walking along the trail with us.

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