Wednesday 7 December 2022

The secret to how we catch so many great fish from our Whitby Ketch while under sail

Series 2 Episode 54 - WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

We’re on our way north again to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and already the fish are being hauled in while we sail. How we do it is one of our most asked questions and in this episode Rob reveals our no longer secret “Spero Rig” that has transformed our fishing. But first we continue our journey with an 80 mile sail to the natural wonder that is the Double Island Point sand lagoon anchorage. Along the way we encounter whales and, of course, get a nice catch or mackerel. Update - since posting this video we've been told a lot of people have had trouble finding the dive boards / paravanes that we use in our "Spero Rig" for fishing from the boat. They are normally available by mail order from Hope this helps. Cheers R & K

We have recently splashed out money on a new, far more powerful laptop to assist with video editing and, with the help of our fantastic Patreon & Ko-fi supporters, another radio mic to improve the audio. If you would like to support our video productions you can do it for less than price of a coffee per episode. The funds help us pay for upload data, music and editing software subscriptions, storage hardrives and to buy better camera and audio equipment to improve the quality of our shows.

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