Wednesday 26 October 2022

Are Professional Rig Checks worth the $$$$$$ ?


We pay for one on Our Dreamtime and find out. – S 2 Ep 52

While we regularly inspect our rigging looking for any developing problems, hopefully before they happen, we decided to pay for a professional rig check before embarking on our next adventure. 


Follow along as Darrin, “The Yacht Rigger” explains the entire process from what he’s looking for to the very detailed report, and insurance certificate provided to clients. 

Along the way he points out a number of improvements we can do on Our Dreamtime to make her rig even stronger. Needless to say, we set about acting on all his recommendations and can now go to sea with complete confidence in our rig.

Checking shroud tensions.

Darrin went over Our Dreamtime from bow to stern and up to the tip of both masts.

Heading up the mast.

Darrin pointed out some UV damage on our mizzen sheet attachment and recommended some changes.

Darrin pointed out the uneven load distribution of our shroud fixings to the chain plates.

A few stainless washers to evenly space the fittings on each chain plate fixed the issue.

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