Friday 17 June 2022

Why won’t our anchor hold? A sleepless night at the Great Barrier Reef’s Curlew Island. Episode 39


After leaving the beautiful Newry Islands we play dodgem cars sailing our ketch through the huge field of bulk coal carriers anchored off Mackay. You never know when one is going to up anchor and move into the dock for their turn to load at the Hay Point facility. We did catch a nice Spanish Mackerel in amongst them though.

 The northerly wind then piped up and we had a spirited 20+ knot sail to a bay on the southern side of Curlew Island. That’s where the trouble started as we just could not get our anchor to hook in no matter what we tried. In fast fading light we had some anxious moments. Please take a look at the video and leave your thoughts on what we might have done differently in the comments section below. We’re always happy to learn. To watch the Episode click here


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