Monday 12 October 2020

Dreamtime Sail VLOG - Episode 5 now ready to view.

 This fortnight's Dreamtime Sail YouTube video is now up and ready to watch.

We leave Kingfisher Bay at Fraser island sooner than anticipated to sail across Hervey Bay to the Burnett River to shelter from forecast high winds and heavy rain but we catch so many mackerel along the way we have to stop fishing. That’s all before our engine conks out miles from land and, of course, there’s not enough wind to sail.

From Our Galley Karen provides her Top Tips to manage Trash so your boat won’t be overrun with rubbish on extended passages.

And finally, the sky comes alive to announce better weather on the horizon so we will be able to head out to the first of our reef stops at Lady Musgrave Island. -

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You can see Episode 5 HERE

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