Monday, 23 September 2013

In print again - Cruising Helmsman Magazine

 Some of our adventures on Alcheringa have made it into print again in the October edition of Australia's number one sailing magazine, Cruising Helmsman.

The magazine's website says 'This month we also take a focus on one of the most important parts of cruising: food. Practical articles include how to build a food dryer and sow your own seeds; plus capturing and storing water. There are also recipes galore and plenty of foodie humour when provisioning overseas.'

The foodie humour is where we come in with a four page article about some of the fun and games we've had buying and preparing food in the Mediterranean.

The October print edition should hit the newsstands around Australia this week or it is available as an electronic edition via the website Cruising Helmsman is now also on Facebook with lots of fun things happening including competitions and more. Check it out: CruisingHelmsman on Facebook

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