Friday 6 January 2023

Navigating the channels of the Great Sandy Straits and dealing with breakdowns on the boat

- Series 2 Ep 56  WATCH HERE 

 In this episode we finally leave Gary’s Anchorage at K’Gari and wind our way through the narrow channels of the Great Sandy Straits to Big Woody Island for a catch up with friends. 
The Great Sandy Straits appear wide and easy at high tide but the muddy water hides plenty.

About to make the turn at the Sheridan Flats pinch point.

Marine traffic can get heavy around the high tide.

The tide flows in from both ends

We anchored at Big Woody Island for the night

Sunrise at Big Woody Island

Karen waving goodbye to our friends Russell and Glenys at Big Woody

 Our early start next morning goes awry when the engine won’t start but eventually we’re underway across Hervey Bay to the Burnett River and a stop in the Bundaberg Port Marina. 

We enjoyed a gentle sail across Hervey Bay in light winds

Sunset at anchor in the Burnet River

We spent the night anchored in the river before moving into Bundaberg Port Marina next morning.

With current running in the river it was a nervous time getting into our berth,

Our Dreamtime has a full keel and does not manoeuvre well in tight spaces.

Rob got her lined up with the pen and Karen threw the lines to the waiting marina staff.

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Wednesday 7 December 2022

Across the Wide Bay Bar to the Great Sandy Straits with fearsome lightning storms

  Series 2 Ep 55 WATCH THE VIDEO HERE 

We were sad to leave the beautiful sand lagoon anchorage at Double Island Point but sailing north in Spring, we need to make use of every weather window available, so it was another crossing of the ever-changing Wide Bay Bar. We have never followed the same route twice over this notorious piece of water because the sand and channels are constantly moving.

A hard place to leave

Heading out the entrance to Double Island Point Lagoon

Rogue swells on the Wide Bay Bar tend to create excitement

Then it was on to Gary’s Anchorage on the inside of K’Gari (Fraser Island) to sit out heavy rain, contrary winds and a very scary but spectacular lightening storm. It wasn’t all bad though as we did catch some very tasty crabs between the rain and in Our Galley, Karen cooks up fantastic, Persian chicken dish.

Gary's Anchorage at K'Gari (Fraser Island) is a favourite of ours.

When it rains in Queensland it pours.

Karen's cooking up a storm again

Another stunning K'Gari sunset

Out catching crabs

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The secret to how we catch so many great fish from our Whitby Ketch while under sail

Series 2 Episode 54 - WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

We’re on our way north again to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and already the fish are being hauled in while we sail. How we do it is one of our most asked questions and in this episode Rob reveals our no longer secret “Spero Rig” that has transformed our fishing. But first we continue our journey with an 80 mile sail to the natural wonder that is the Double Island Point sand lagoon anchorage. Along the way we encounter whales and, of course, get a nice catch or mackerel. Update - since posting this video we've been told a lot of people have had trouble finding the dive boards / paravanes that we use in our "Spero Rig" for fishing from the boat. They are normally available by mail order from Hope this helps. Cheers R & K

We have recently splashed out money on a new, far more powerful laptop to assist with video editing and, with the help of our fantastic Patreon & Ko-fi supporters, another radio mic to improve the audio. If you would like to support our video productions you can do it for less than price of a coffee per episode. The funds help us pay for upload data, music and editing software subscriptions, storage hardrives and to buy better camera and audio equipment to improve the quality of our shows.

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Close to Breaking Point – Will we ever sail away and get back to cruising life?

After being tied to the dock overcoming health challenges for the last 20 months, we make final preparations to cast off the lines and sail north to the Great Barrier Reef. There’s a Costco trip to load our ketch with bulk provisions. We fill our fuel tanks with horrendously expensive diesel. A suitable weather window is found and we celebrate SV Our Dreamtime’s 40th birthday.


Then just as we’re ready to go we face yet another costly hurdle that has us near breaking point and wondering whether we’ll ever be cruisers again. Come for the ride as we experience the highs, lows and highs of liveaboard boat life.
Engine service time in preparation for our passage north to Townsville

The price of fuel is killing us so we did a Costco fill to try to save what we could.

Karen buying up to fill the boat ready for some great meals from Our Galley

Comparing every price to make the $ stretch

Celebrating SV Our Dreamtime's 40th birthday.

Underway at last.

Heading north across Moreton Bay

Relief to have finally left the marina to resume our cruising life

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Are Professional Rig Checks worth the $$$$$$ ?


We pay for one on Our Dreamtime and find out. – S 2 Ep 52

While we regularly inspect our rigging looking for any developing problems, hopefully before they happen, we decided to pay for a professional rig check before embarking on our next adventure. 


Follow along as Darrin, “The Yacht Rigger” explains the entire process from what he’s looking for to the very detailed report, and insurance certificate provided to clients. 

Along the way he points out a number of improvements we can do on Our Dreamtime to make her rig even stronger. Needless to say, we set about acting on all his recommendations and can now go to sea with complete confidence in our rig.

Checking shroud tensions.

Darrin went over Our Dreamtime from bow to stern and up to the tip of both masts.

Heading up the mast.

Darrin pointed out some UV damage on our mizzen sheet attachment and recommended some changes.

Darrin pointed out the uneven load distribution of our shroud fixings to the chain plates.

A few stainless washers to evenly space the fittings on each chain plate fixed the issue.

Boat Tour - Whitby 42 Ketch, SV Our Dreamtime designed by Ted Brewer. Part 2 – S 2 Ep 51


Well we’ve finally done the boat tour video people have been asking for. There’s so much to show on and in our 1982 Whitby 42 Ketch built in Ontario, Canada that we’ve split into two parts for you.


In this second video we take you through full details of everything below deck including Karen’s very well equipped galley, Rob’s nav station come edit suite, the spacious engine room, some of the improvements in the cabins we’ve been making and much more. Jump on board and have a look.

Our comfy home

A couple of Karen's water colours in the salon

Every boat should have a cocktail cabinet

The refurbished forward cabin

The Galley also got a make over while we were dock bound in Brisbane

As did the heads