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Woodwark Bay and marina time at Abell Point.

28-7 November 2016

As much as we hate to cruise to a schedule, we needed to work to a couple of set dates as we were booked into Abell Point Marina for a week from November 1st. Rob was flying to Sydney to do commentary at a motor racing event and Karen was looking forward to enjoying the Airlie Beach Music Festival which just happened to be scheduled for the weekend Rob would be away. We then had a friend, John, flying back with Rob to join us on board for a couple of weeks.
In the meantime we needed to let the calendar tick down so we decided to move a few miles south to Woodwark Bay closer to the marina and cross a couple of days off the calendar as we waited. The trip from Cape Gloucester involved motoring through the passage with the tide and then motor-sailing into a modest easterly for a couple of hours past Saddleback Island and George Point before turning and managing a sail into the bay.
Passing Shag Islet entering Gloucester Passage.

Saddleback Island.

Leaving Gloucester Island in our wake.
Cape Gloucester to Woodwark Bay 9.2 Nautical Miles - 1 Hours 48 Minutes
Average Speed 5.1 Knots - Max Speed 7.2 Knots

We anchored deep in Woodwark Bay

Not every sunset is colourful but they all have character.
Rather than the more popular anchorage behind Grimstone Point, we chose to go deep into the bay for some added protection from the coming south-easterlies and some solitude. We found both anchored in shallow water just off a small resort. Here we spent two peaceful days catching up on some blogging and reading. Oh the hectic life of a cruiser.
The next morning we managed a big 1.8 nautical mile passage to the Grimstone Point anchorage where we were able to enjoy a nice walk along the beach and a quick dip with some other cruisers we met. This is still potentially crocodile territory so we limited our emersion to just a few minutes in the very clear shallows to cool off.

The beach at Grimstone Point
Beach combing time.

A quick dip at Grimstone Point.

The wind turned south overnight for our short trip to Abell Point Marina but at under ten knots was nothing to write home about. Check in time at the marina is Noon so we were in no hurry as we cleared Grimstone Point under motor.  The iron topsail was then silenced and we were able to make way under sail alone. Admittedly it was quite slow way and not in the direction of the marina but it was very pleasant none the less.
Sailing gently on Pioneer Bay.

Airlie Beach

To maintain a sailing angle we tacked across Pioneer Bay almost to Funnel Bay before tacking and sailing right to the entrance channel of the marina where we furled sail and made lines and fenders ready for mooring.
Woodwark Bay to Abell Point – 9.2 Nautical Miles – 2 Hours 51 Minutes
Average Speed 3.2 Knots – Max Speed 6.6 Knots
After such a relaxing morning under sail, the afternoon was anything but as we made the most of the marina facilities to give Our Dreamtime a well deserved, stem to stern spring clean removing many sea miles of salt and grime. By the time we were finished she was sparkling in the sunset while we were the ones covered in sweat, dirt and grease. A looooong, hot shower never felt so good. The crisp white and pizza dinner we then treated ourselves to at Sorrento’s in the marina was also about as good as we could ever want.
Our Dreamtime all spic and span after many hours of cleaning.
John's cabin ready and waiting for his arrival.
A cool glass of wine never tasted so good after a hoy afternoon of boat cleaning.

The next day was spent making use of Abbell Point Marina’s courtesy car provisioning the boat for our next legs southward. Rob then jetted off to Sydney for a few days of drag racing while Karen settled in to enjoy three great days of the Airlie Beach Music Festival.
Some of Karen's memories of the Airlie Beach Music Festival.

CLICK HERE for a video taste of the type of action Rob spent two days commentating on in Sydney
Rob was delighted to see young Santino Rapisarda tune the winning car.

Sunday was spent playing tourist with our daughter Felicity and grandson Kristian in Sydney.
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