Saturday, 16 July 2022

An Unexpected Night Passage to Burnett Heads – Our Tips for Staying Safe in the darkness

Rob discussing the equipment and procedures we use on Our Dreamtime to sail safely at night.

We leave Great Keppel Island in the early morning darkness with the plan of sailing south to Pancake Creek but when we get there the anchorage is very full of boats. So we decide to keep going into the night clocking up 131 nautical miles to reach Burnett Heads.

Night passages are normally well planned however unexpected night passages can happen for all sorts of reasons and you need to have the boat prepared for one, just in case. Join us as we talk about the night passage procedures we have in place to keep us and the boat sailing through the darkness. Please tell us any other suggestions you might have in the comments section under the video.

Episode 42 - Watch here -

Sunrise is always welcome on Our Dreamtime 

We don't race - However if there's another boat on the water heading the same way,
we may practice our sail trimming. lol

Sailing upwind with all sails set.

Threading our way through the mooring field off Gladstone.

You can't see a lot when sailing at night

Karen looking a little tired the morning after night passage.

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