Friday, 25 September 2020

Great Sandy Straits VLOG now ready to view.

Episode Four of our YouTube Channel VLOG has now been published. It's so full of crabs you'll want to eat it. Shot in Australia's Great Sandy Straits at Fraser Island we catch so many sand and mud crabs Karen enjoys a great challenge coming up with new recipes and ways to serve them. She provides plenty of tips from Our Galley.
A new Government Covid-19 regulation puts our cruising on hold until we can get things sorted but we do finally make our way through the tricky shallow channels of the Great Sandy Straits to Kingfisher Bay. To watch this Episode or our other videos CLICK HERE. If you haven't joined our video virtual crew yet, PLEASE do us a favour and click the THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE buttons while your there to help us out with the weird world of YouTube algorithms.

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