Since we began our Dreamtime Sail blog and Facebook page five years ago, it’s been great having so many people share our adventures as we first sailed as crew on other people’s boats, then on Alcheringa in the Mediterranean and now on Our Dreamtime in the Australian tropics and soon into the Pacific. We love hearing from the new friends we have made all over the world. Some have enjoyed sharing our escapades so much they have generously suggested we should have a ‘Donate’ button on our blog so they could help us along our way.

It took a lifetime of hard work before we launched our new life afloat and, like many cruisers out there, we now stretch our limited finances as much as possible so we can keep following our dream for as long as we can.  Some cruisers are comfortable having Donate buttons but we have never believed in asking for something for nothing.  As a result, we have now developed a way people can assist us in a small way to stay afloat and really become a member of our Virtual Crew.

Thanks to our great friends at Grotty Yachty we can now offer you the chance to look the part in a fantastic Our Dreamtime t-shirt, polo or sun shirt. They are available in men’s and women’s designs and a large range of sizes.  A simple click on your choice of design will allow you to order quantity and size through to our Big Cartel and make secure payment via card or Paypal. Your order will then be shipped direct to you from Grotty Yachty at Airlie Beach.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Men's Crew Neck T-Shirt Front

Men's Crew Neck T-Shirt Back

  Men's and Women's T-Shirts are available in Crew or V Neck

Men's SunSmart Shirt Front

Men's SunSmart Shirt Back


Lady's SunSmart Shirt Front

Lady's SunSmart Shirt Back

Men's Polo Shirt Front


  1. It has been a blast following your adventures. And no question you made a great choice with the Whitby 42. I grew up in the Great Lakes area of the US and visited the Whitby Boatworks a couple of times and they always did great work. And Ted Brewer is a master. I have worked in the sailmaking business for most of my life and met him a couple of times.

    I was wondering if I could impose on you to take some additional pictures of your enclosure/hard dodger. I am planning on building one for my Pearson 40 and yours looks like a great one to copy. That help would be greatly appreciated.


    Chip Lawson
    Dallas, TX

    1. Hi Chip. We're so pleased you have been enjoying our blog. We are very happy with our choice of the Whitby 42. She sails very nicely and is a great live aboard boat. We are just working through some updates on her as we go. We have a number of photos of our hardtop on the Our Boat page of the blog. They can be reached by scrolling down. Have a look a those and then if there is any specific areas you'd like more pics of let us know and we'll be happy to take them for you. Cheers.


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